June 27, 2024

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Job Description

(Submission from 10 candidates)

Required Documents from Candidates:


Residence registration

Scanned pages with marks

Photo of the candidate

Documents from the employer:

invitation letter,

employment contract,

housing document.

The e-Visa is an online application system developed by the Albanian government for the pre-selection of candidates wishing to visit Albania.

The e-Visa application process can be fully completed online and is managed by the Albanian government. When applying for an e-Visa: Applicants must enter biographical information about themselves. They will also have to answer questions about their eligibility for a visa under the VWP program.

The application is pre-checked by the consul, including the questionnaire and uploaded documents, and if the application is correct, a notification is sent that the application is accepted and the visa fee is requested.

After the applicant pays the visa fee, the applicant receives an email notification that the application is in the “evaluation process” which takes up to 15 business days and in exceptional cases may take up to 30 business days.

If the visa is approved, an electronic visa is generated by the e-Visa system and sent to the applicant by e-mail. You must have a visa at the border crossing point of the Republic of Albania when entering and leaving the territory

In case of visa refusal: the applicant is informed by e-mail of the legal arguments for visa refusal. The candidate receives a package of documents for applying for a visa for up to 180 days. Upon arrival in Albania, the applicant applies for a residence permit. On average, a residence permit is issued for 1 year.

Document Processing Time: 1 month

14 days for document preparation

14 days for obtaining a visa

The employer submits the candidate’s documents for review, and the candidate receives an electronic visa. It is possible to track the visa readiness status on the website. The visa is issued for 90 days, and upon arrival, a residence permit for 1 year is granted. Upon arrival, candidates are met at the airport by the employer.